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Based in Kingsbridge, South Devon, Beeza comprises a series of local apiaries, supplying pure honey, natural wax products, home bred British bee stocks, whilst also providing mobile pollination services.

Bees play a vital role as pollinators in our ecosystem. However, in the last 10 years bee numbers have seriously declined. We all share the responsibility for looking after the environment and the loss of bees has an impact of everyone. We are therefore trying to reverse this trend

Sustainability is at the heart of Beeza, where we aim to have a positive impact. This includes the use of recycled and recyclable materials, our commitment to high standards in support of animal welfare and ecology, and minimal use of fossil fuels.

Finest Honey – Devon Made

Our Products & Services

Pure Devon Honey

Much of the honey supplied in supermarkets has been heat treated for easy bottling and is often blended honey, with the bulk sometimes having been imported…

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Natural Wax Products

Wax is another of the products manufactured by the hardworking honey bee. Good for making candles, but beeswax has other uses too….

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British Bee Stocks

It sometimes surprises people to hear that the native British honeybee is black and grey, when most pictures depict them as being yellow and black…

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Mobile Pollination

The massive worldwide loss in insects, which can largely be attributed to the increases in population and over use of insecticide, needs to be addressed…

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If you would like details on any of our products or services, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Our Story

And why we are different…

From backgrounds in accounting and education, a desire for a career change brought us to the South Hams in 2006. We took over the management of a small farm and holiday complex.   Coupled with our long standing interests in the environment, and to bolster farm income, we planted two large orchards.   Our attention soon turned to pollination and with that our interest in bees began.

Several years later, the time was right to start our own small apiary at our home in Kingsbridge where our bees live happily in the sun, by our natural stream, fed by flowers from the surrounding South Hams countryside. Our raw and creamed honey has been so well received by those in the locality that we decided to concentrate on bee farming as a business.

Our aim: to naturally expand our bee colonies, working with nearby farmers and land owners to help pollinate their crops and wild flowers, whilst producing high quality honeys, beeswax and related products.

Our carbon footprint: to be minimised and the welfare of our bees maintained to the highest standards.

Our customers: to be confident that they are supporting the bees and helping reverse the decline in bee numbers, whilst enjoying natural products.

Our hope: to assist our honey bee population to thrive, which in turn will increase pollination, vital to plant and tree survival and continued food supplies across the whole ecosystem.

Our adventure begins and we hope that you will be part of it.

Martin and Melanie

Beautiful Devon Honey

From our happy bees to your table…

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